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Shalom and Welcome

Something positive and incredible is happening in Rogers Park, Chicago.
Mitziut is an independent, non-denominational Jewish spiritual community. We are a safe, non-judgmental, take-off-your-shoes-if-you-like community with a diverse group of good people, where all are welcomed and accepted regardless of knowledge and experience of Judaism. The comfortable atmosphere allows and encourages members to get involved in building and shaping the community, leading people to have a feeling of being at home at Mitziut.

Please feel free to tour our web site or come to any of our upcoming events sometime soon!  If you have a question, check out our FAQ or contact us.
Shalom v'ahava,
Reb Menachem

High Holy Days 2010/5771


The High Holy Days are here! Get ready, rev up your forgiveness, don't leave anything hanging.

Layni Katz Myers will again sing us through the trials and tribulations along the road of t'shuva.
Rabbi Menachem will return from sabbatical and try to be the holy vessel through which some of the message that those who gather with Mitziut need to hear (you end up where you end up for the holidays--or anything--because something you need to hear or experience will happen there).

If you have anything to contribute to the holy days, like a song, poem, prayer, etc, which may be exactly what someone else in the room needs to hear, let Rabbi Menachem know by e-mail or call 1.773.531.4001.


Dates and Tmes
Erev Rosh Hashanah
Wednesday, September 8th                             
Candle lighting 6:56 pm; Prayers 7:15pm      
Rosh Hashanah, 1st Day
Thursday, September 9th
Kol Nidre                                                    
Friday, September 17th                                 
Candle lighting 6:40pm; Prayers 6:45pm                 
Yom Kippur
Saturday, September 18th

High Holy Days are located at the United Church of Rogers Park
1545 W. Morse (at Ashland), Chicago (click for map)
Parking is available in the lot across the street EXCEPT for Kol Nidre, Friday Sept 17.

Tickets  -- what tickets?
There are no tickets or set fees for the Mitziut holidays. We work on a donation basis. It's not that we don't need the money -- we do and will put your donations to good use. It's that we want no one to be excluded from Jewish spiritual and communal life for lack of financial means. Especially on these important days.

There is a spiritual principle that it is easier to receive when you give. We suggest that in order to make room in yourself for the spiritual experience (you could say download) that the High Holy Days can be, you make a financial contribution. Any amount is ok, which is the point of saying suggested donation range is $108-1800. Give something, even if it is the proverbial change in the couch cushions.

Please download the following form and mail it to 6636 N Washtenaw along with your check.


Thank you and l'shana tovah!

Please help us with a contribution if you are able

If you can or are able, we welcome your donation to help support Mitziut. Thank you.

Click the "Make a Donation" button below or send your donation directly to:
Mitziut, 6636 N. Washtenaw, Chicago, IL 60645

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