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You can get involved with Mitziut in so many ways. Joining us for any event, services any week or by celebrating holidays with us are great ways to learn more about us.

You can also become a member of Mitziut. Members of Mitziut are those who support the ideals/values of the Mitziut Jewish Community, consider themselves part of the community and participate in community events. The only requirement of membership is providing information on the Mitziut Membership Form and agreeing with the Mitziut values.

Membership Form

MITZIUT Membership Form 2008 (PDF)

MITZIUT Membership Form 2008 (Excel)

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At Mitziut we endeavor to empower people to live full lives of embodied Judaism and be a resource, support and home for people as they go along their psycho-spiritual journeys. Membership in Mitziut is about wanting to be a member of a community and wanting to help bring the vision to actuality. In lieu of a traditional dues structure we encourage and expect members will give in the following ways. Donations are completely voluntary:

Time: set up/clean up at Mitziut events, hanging fliers, sitting on a council, etc. Suggestion-four hours/month

In-kind: Donation of equipment and supplies or professional services for which one usually charges, including web design, legal and other professional services and office equipment, plate and cups and other supplies. A list will be maintained letting people know current needs.Suggestion--This category is "as needed." When a need is identified members intend to give freely and generously.

Money: Money is needed to pay for goods and services not donated, salaries for Rabbi, Cantor, staff, etc. Suggestion--Principles of the Jewish path (halacha) require each person to give 10% of their income to worthy causes. Members agree that the guideline of giving Mitziut 1% of their income as a membership donation, or 10% of charitable contributions, is appropriate. Members are free to give more or less.  

There are no minimum requirements for any category, however, these suggestions were established to help members in their decision making. If a person has more time to contribute and is of lesser financial means he/she can increase the time contribution, and so on. The Mitziut Community understands that there are times in life when individuals have little ability to give, but seek the warmth and support of community. It is our value that members be allowed such time. Membership will be renewed on an annual basis.



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