Rabbi Menachem Cohen

Menachem Cohen is the founding Rabbi of the Mitziut Jewish Community in Chicago and of Congregation B'nai haMidbar and the Black Rock JCC, the organized Jewish presence at Burning Man. For 11 years he has studied and practiced Jewish healing prayer with Rabbi Douglas Goldhamer, founder of Hebrew Seminary of the Deaf, where Menachem received ordination. He has also studied Jewish Shamanic Healing with Rabbi Gershon Winkler at the Walkingstick foundation and at Elat Chayyim.. He has facilitated meditation groups across the country. His other interests include halacha and the paradigm shift and how our text, liturgy and calendar lead us through our psycho-spiritual journeys.
After graduating from Beloit College with a degree in English and a minor in Women's Studies he worked for Little Brothers/Friends of the Elderly in Minneapolis and the Center on Deafness in Northbrook, IL. He then earned an MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before pursuing the rabbinate.
He can be reached directly via e-mail